Baltic Bellyboards

Our boards will put a broad grin on your face.

Beautiful Bellyboards, Handplanes and Paipos for the sea.

Shaped with love in the north.

What are we shaping?

We started with bellyboards. They have been built for decades in England, especially in the Cornwall region and Devon. Bellyboards are sustainable bodyboards because they are made of wood rather than foam compounds. However, they are not only more environmentally friendly, bellyboards are also much more robust. Their compact size makes them the perfect travel companions and they work in almost any conditions.

Whether it's just ankle-high waves or head-high breakers; a bellyboard always shreds!

And these are exactly the reasons why we love building our boards and shredding through the waves with them.

In September 2021 we took heart and founded Baltic Bellyboards to build boards that should be as much fun for you as they are for us. You will see, once you have enjoyed the waves to the fullest with a Baltic Bellyboard from Rostock, it will become your constant companion when heading for the coast.

Meanwhile we not only shape Bellyboards but also Paipos, the Polynesian ancestors of Bellyboards. They are thicker than bellyboards and more similar to bodyboards in shape and handling characteristics. However, the boards are made of European paulownia wood and not environmentally harmful plastics.

And of course our handplanes for bodysurfing. Probably the most direct surfing feeling you can get. Our handplane helps you to glide quickly and to dance with the wave. It's an absolutely great feeling.

Is the sea times not tangible. No problem; we also build balance boards that will give you a lot of fun on land.

We do not use shapes cut by computer, but make all boards ourselves. For this we use only sustainably grown wood.The boards are of course hand-painted by us and the designs are also created by us. But you can also select your own design on your board.The colors are provided with the "blue angel" and all unpainted areas are impregnated with sustainable linseed oil.

The Feeling of Bellyboarding

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

NTSouthWest made a great YouTube video about bellyboarding. Watch it to learn more about bellyboarding.
It works similarly with our Paipos and Itagos. Do you feel confident with the boards and can you swim very well? Then grab some bodyboard fins to surf green waves.

A Baltic Bellyboard is a must-have for any surf quiver, as it shreds through the waves in almost any conditions.

Our paipos are pure joy made of wood.

Planed and sanded.

Each board comes with a few of our wonderful stickers.

Hang Ten on our Egg.

Board shop

In our online Board Shop you can not only buy boards that are in stock. 
Custom orders are also possible using a modular system and Sepp will share your board for you. Just contact us and we will plan your personal dream board together. Simply check out the modular system in the online store or use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

Our Bellyboards

Bellyboards are sustainable bodyboards made of wood. They should be part of every surf quiver, as they work great in almost all conditions and they really shreds. Bellyboards are super handy and you'll never leave the spot disappointed again. So especially in the Baltic Sea, good mood is guaranteed. The wood is 

sustainably grown paulownia wood, okoume or birch (multiplex).

Our bellyboard models are available in two different lengths: Mucki and Purzel.


Length runs and therefore there is nothing that does not go with the Mucki. With a length of 115 cm you roll quite relaxed with the wave towards the beach. In fact, with the Mucki you get really fast speed on it but without much effort; just smooth.


Purzel is with 90 cm our sporty variant and the perfect travel board. With its compact shape, it is very maneuverable to handle and despite the small size you can get ankle-high waves. That's why Purzel always has a free place in our backpacker backpack. 
In addition, we recommend Purzel for elementary school kids, as our giant Mucki is rather unwieldy for the little surfers in the waves.

Bellyboards from Japan

Our Itagos

Itago Nori (or Itakos) have been used as bellyboards in Japan 🇯🇵 for more than 200 years. Originally, they were probably ship planks used for surfing. 
Our Itagos are made from European Paulownia wood. We have adopted the classic Japanese basic shape and given the board a fine rocker.

Our Paipos

Paipos are the Polynesian ancestors of bellyboards. They are thicker than bellyboards and are more similar to bodyboards in terms of shape and riding characteristics. However, the boards are made from European paulownia wood and not from environmentally harmful plastics used in bodyboards.
The shape is shaped with a plane, file and sandpaper. Our paipos glide on super fast and will let you effortlessly shoot towards the beach with the wave.

Tammi Tümmler 

Our smooth porpoise Tammi Tümmler has a wide nose and is perhaps a little clumsier than Max Maatje, but is the ultimate wave catcher. It goes with even the smallest waves and is your board of choice for a more relaxed surf!

We can choose the dimensions together with you based on your height and weight as well as your preferred wave areas.

Max Maatje  

Our lively Herring Max Maatje is more maneuverable than the Tammi Tümmler and is particularly suitable if you want to play agilely with the waves. The shape has been optimized to give you lots of fun, especially in fast breaking steep waves. The round outline makes it nice and maneuverable and the pointed nose is designed to prevent nosediving. 

Our Handplanes

Probably the most direct surfing feeling you get is bodysurfing. Our handplane helps you to glide quickly and to dance with the wave. It's an absolutely great feeling.

You can always have a handplane in your bag to jump spontaneously into the sea. Perfect for your tours around the world.

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